Our Conscience

2020 has been a remarkably significant year not only for the entire planet, but for Pistol Panties too. We have been reflecting on the impacts we have on the world and who we really want to be. A sensational swimwear brand? Obviously! But we also want be a company who takes action and helps to make a positive difference to our wonderful world.

Introducing the Pistol Panties 2021 collection; sustainable and seriously stylish/ sexy. Our signature vibrant attitude has reached a new level as we combine our deep knowledge of fit and cut with vibrant fabrics, prints and new technology textures.

Who says we can’t have it all?



New fabric technologies feature in our 2021 collection, making this our most sustainable collection yet.

The ECOYNL regeneration process gives a new lease of life to items destinated for disposal. From fishing nets that can no longer be used to textile production scraps, waste product is recovered and transformed into a new yarn. With the same characteristics as virgin nylon, this is a win-win.


Made from recycled plastic bottles discarded in the Mediterranean ocean, this fabric cleans up our oceans and in-store. Each piece of swimwear represents plastic waste that has been taken out of our oceans and metamorphosed into something of beauty and use – our new collection.


The 2021 collection marries looking good with doing good and in essence, delivers “feel good fashion”. An explosion of colour, print and texture is styled in elegant and classic shapes contradict any notion that sustainable fashion is vanilla.